Why Is Season 8 Taking So Long And Will The Story Of Westeros Be Continued?

Game of Thrones has shown TV studios that bringing high-quality production can earn you a lot of money and support by fans. By popularizing the genre, GoT initialized the era of big fantasy and science fiction series. Making movie-quality production in a TV show like this requires multiple production units localized in various exotic places (Spain, Croatia, Iceland and Northern Ireland). Well orchestrated filming and strenuous work of the crews in every production unit made it possible for Game of Thrones to film, edit and air every season in a 12 month period. Which is quite impressive, considering the complexity of the story, number of characters, effects and CGI. It seems almost unbelievable that they did it without making a pause between seasons until now. Multiple filming units are merging together to make a grand finale of The Song of Ice and Fire and they are in for a lot of work.

Season 7 was concluded on 27th of August 2017, leaving us with more unanswered questions and adrenaline, as it clearly implies the upcoming culmination and dissolution of the story we can’t wait to see. When the fans were notified that they have to wait for 2019 for final season to be aired they weren’t so happy, but nevertheless prepared themselves for the waiting game hoping it will be worth it. As Dan Weiss said, “The final season is taking a long time because it’s the biggest thing we’ve ever done”.

After winning Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series in September 2018, Game of Thrones crew spoke to the reporters backstage. George R. R. Martin revealed that season 8 is not the last we’ll see of Westeros, as the five prequels are in various stages of development. “We’re not done with Westeros yet, and there are many stories to tell”, said Martin at the 2018 Emmy Awards.

Season 8 may be the finale, but the Song of Ice and Fire is just a tiny part of Westeros’ story and we are yet to see the paths that brought it to us.