Sony Is Releasing PlayStation Classic With 20 Pre-loaded Retro Games

Nearly 25 years ago on December the 3rd, Sony released their first home video game console – the famous PlayStation. That console changed childhoods of many and launched Sony’s gaming brand. Interesting thing is that this happened almost accidentally. At first, Sony developed PlayStation as an add-on for Super Nintendo. Well into developing, Nintendo bailed the deal and Sony decided not to waste the work they’ve put in, and made their own gaming console. PS1 was released in 1994 as one of the first fully capable 3D consoles.

In 2000 Sony released PS2, which became the best selling game console of all time. Main reason for its success is that it was the cheapest DVD player at that time and it was technologically advanced. It allowed a hard drive installation and even could pull off 1080i on certain games, in a time when high-def TVs weren’t really a thing.

PS3 came out in 2006 and included more tech advancements like built-in Wi-Fi, wireless controllers, Bluetooth and 1080p over HDMI. It included 4 USB ports and different memory card slots. Also, it was the cheapest BluRay player at the time. Seven years after that PS4 was released. Evolution from PS3 included a leap in graphics and a lot more memory – 8GB instead of 512MB from the previous version. In 2016, Sony unveiled the PS4 Pro with 4K resolution, HDR, higher CPU clock rate and upgraded GPU compared to the previous version. PlayStation called it “their
best gaming console“, and it truly lives up to the title.

Sony has made many technical advancements with their PlayStation series throughout the years, every release adding some new features and enhancing already existing ones, always keeping up with the current affairs. Or being step ahead. This year is going to be a bit different. Instead of going further, Sony looked back at the very beginning and decided to bring back the 90s in a form of the original, but miniature version of PS1. Console comes pre-loaded with 20 PS1 titles, Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3 and Wild Arms being announced so far. The rest are yet to be chosen by Sony and the online community vouching for their favorite childhood games.

PlayStation Classic (left) and PS1 (right) size comparison

PlayStation Classic will have the PS1 original look and feel. Pre-loaded games will be playable in their original format, making it a true delicacy for all retro gamers. The console will come with HDMI cable, USB cable and two controllers for local multiplayer. The whole package will be available for only 99.99$, but it’s important to note that the AC adapter is sold separately. The release is set for 3rd of December, a historical date for Sony, celebrating PS1’s 24th birthday.