Avatar: The Last Airbender Live-action Series On Netflix Coming Soon!

Yesterday was announced that Netflix is teaming up with the original creators of Avatar: The Last Airbender and Nickelodeon to revive the story of Aang through live action series. The production will start next year and the show will be run exclusively on Netflix.

Avatar: The Last Airbender animated series debuted in 2005 and was finished after three seasons in 2008. It captured the attention of kids and adults alike with great story telling, powerful messages about life and true value of family and friends. It was a show that parents gladly watched with their kids, with equal involvement.
The movie attempt from 2010 got a lot of people excited, as it was a first live action adaptation of the animated series, but it was done so badly that people were leaving the theaters in the middle of the movie, disappointed.

The Legend of Korra brought the spirits up again in 2012, telling a story of a world Aang and his friends made, and covering more philosophical subjects of adolescence, care for the environment and finding harmony between spiritual and physical worlds. It was suitable, more spiritual continuation of the Airbender series, and the fans were pleased.

After the horrible movie adaptation in 2010 people came to be a bit wary of live-action Avatar re-dos, still wanting someone to do it, but skeptical of the quality. It seems that Netflix took this job quite seriously, as they called the original writers to ensure that the story is well written and true to the animated series.

This live action series won’t just be re-telling the old story; it will also include more detailed presentation of the characters and the world they live in. The episodes are going to be 1 hour long compared to half an hour in the animated series, and they are going to do several seasons, so there will be a lot more time for character and story development.


The cast of the live action series will include actors from various cultures and ethnicities, staying true to the depictions of characters in the animated show. Movie from 2010 is commonly referenced as an example of “whitewashing” in Hollywood, and Netflix doesn’t want to make the same mistake, especially considering the current state of affairs regarding that.
At the end, fans just want a live action series that will properly represent the Avatar world with all those educational and emotional moments doing justice to the animated series.